Why Google Plus is Like An Elephant?

Why is Google Plus like an elephant you ask?
Do you remember the story about the blind man and the elephant? Each person was asked to describe their experience of the elephant without seeing the whole. Some described the ears, some the tail, some the trunk and others the legs and body.

Google Plus is so many things that many people do not fully understand all that it is capable of and all that it has to offer.

Google Plus Pages

Google Plus pages come in a few different shapes and sizes. To be on Google Plus you must initially have an individual page. From your individual page you can create and manage mulitple pages for your business, for your non profit, a musical or theater group, for whatever you wish. 

Once a Google Plus Page is created the type of page can not be changed.

1. Individual Page - you must use your name, it is against the terms of agreement to use a nickname, again you must have an individual page first. 

2. Local Google Plus Pages 

Select Local Business or Place - if your business has a physical location and you want to show up in Google Maps this is the option for you. To receive all the functionality of this page, including reviews, you must have the listing verified either by a phone call or postcard.

Other Google Plus Pages - choosing between the following options doesn't change your functionality. Choose "Other" when the categories do not apply to your situation

  • Product or Brand 
  • Company, Institution or Organization 
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports 
  • Other 

Google Plus Social Network

From your Google Plus page you are now ready to participate in the social network of Google Plus. 

Google Plus Posts
All google plus posts rank in google search just like your website pages. When you post a link using the link field a "follow link" is created. "Follow links" improve search engine ranking and passing page rank. 

Google Plus Communities
Google Plus Communities connect like minded people and are a great way to start building your community on Google Plus. Be sure to read the rules of engagement for each community your join.

Google Plus Photos
Cloud storage for your photos as well as unique photo enhancements called "aut oawesomes" which create animated gifs, stitch together panoramas from overlapping shots, and will consolidate group photos to create one with everyone smiling with their eyes open.

Google Plus Hangouts
Video conferencing and collaborate with 10-15 people depending on your account. Screen sharing, remote assistance, and collaborative viewing of youtube videos, google docs or desktop.

Google Plus Hangouts on Air
Video broadcast up to ten participants to the internet privately or publically for unlimited viewers and publish  straight to YouTube. 

Google Plus Events
Create your own events page. Share media and comments with your invited community and promote your events online. Use the provided images for the header or supply your own to create a branded or personalized touch to your event page.

Google Plus Help Outs
Get paid for your expertise by the minute. Find experts in any field. Some charge and some are free.

and I haven't even mentioned Google Apps

So what part of the elephant would you like?

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