When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. - Eric Hoffer
Search Twitter for #googmayharm TOO PHUNNY!!!
There's been a lotta talk about this song. This song is not a rebel song, this song is Sunday bloody Sunday
updating iPhone OS to version 2.2.1, cover me...
Rocking with the
Bruce Springsteen Free Download for Guitar Hero World Tour Now LIVE in the Play Station Store!!
Ready to ROCK?! Still waiting for the Bruce Springsteen Free Download EXCLUSIVELY for Guitar Hero World Tour to go LIVE!
@joelbishop there is a solution that can make everyone happy when it comes to the train whistle noise, Norris at #Ted
Woot! Today Springsteen Makes Guitar Hero Debut With Brand New Song ‘My Lucky Day’ and Classic Hit ‘Born to Run’ Free Download for one week!
@joelbishop you'll like this post I slapped together in 07 century disaster tips you will not hear from officials: TWITTER to download the Tenth Anniversary Episode of Some Assembly Required dot Net Sounds from the Media Environment MP3 Nom Nom, Lunch Time! TTFN...
iPhone #Geocaching and #Photosynth ing Dana Point California with @Jshults or, What we do with our Sundays.

Read Something Vitally Important:

Do YOU know the difference between a TOOL and an APPLIANCE?

Pay attention, you’re about to read something vitally important: COMPUTERS ARE NOT APPLIANCES. THEY ARE TOOLS. Tools require that their user be skilled. Tools require education and training to use. Tools require a level of involvement beyond that of an appliance because "tool use" carries with it an inherent danger. To understand the difference between tools and appliances, simply consider for a moment the number of "important safety warnings" found in the user manual of, say, your average refrigerator, versus, say, the number found embossed on the side of your average ladder.

And yet, over the past decade, the computer industry has deliberately ignored the nature of its product. It has attempted to grind off the sharp edges, to put padding on the corners, and to make a "consumer safe" appliance from these inherently dangerous tools.

The current state of security on the Internet is simply reaping the seeds we have sown.

Computers are not appliances. If something goes wrong with your refrigerator, it doesn’t attack your neighbor’s microwave. If you don’t patch your toaster oven, the chance that it will join up with other toaster ovens in a denial of service attack against the White House is negligible. Yet we persist in marketing computers in a way that presents their operation as requiring the same degree of knowledge and skill as is required to operate a toaster oven.

Beyond the simple fact that computers are tools, and thus requiring more involved and knowledgeable operators, computer use in the twenty-first century is very network-centric. Thus, irresponsible and dangerous behavior on the part of an untrained user can have serious repercussions for, quite literally, millions of others. We don’t allow untrained and inexperienced drivers onto our streets, but any yokel with $9.95 a month can get on the Internet.

The time has come for change. Users cannot continue to proxy the responsibility for their security to others. If they’re going to use this tool, they need to be trained or they need to pull the plug (or have the plug pulled for them).

Do YOU know the difference between a TOOL and an APPLIANCE?
@jshults Sea Cave #geocache today? Low tide 3pm Also can #Photosynth #earthcache Sea Cave, Cache can only be accessed on a low tide -> Today at 02:35PM we have a -0.7 tide. Cascio: Tools for building a better world
Pessimism is a luxury of good times, In difficult times, pessimism is a self-fulfilling, self-inflicted death sentence. - Evelin Lindner me Google that for you... Youtube channel offers news coverage of the main activities of Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican events updated daily.
http://iToday 's Front Pages from #Newseum the worlds most interactive museum
I love the rain, falling on my window, bringing back memory's, esp watching Dow Dropping to 7984.46 Create Your Own Theme
Obama to Bush: I Can Release Your Records. Don't Like It? Sue.
What do you guys think of the #Canon #PowerShot Its 14.7 megapixel and has a 28mm wide-angle lens.

The Biggest Moment SURFS UP!

Ready To Go!

Ready To Go! Let's Get Workin, Let's Rock the House. Fire It Up! Ready To Go, Let's Get Workin, Let's Rock The House, Fire It up!
Obama Mix one more time cause its so good.
he is getting out again? wow2x The Moment #CNN #Photosynth
Amen Don't forget to take a pict of yourself next to #Obama your TV! #Photosynth
Ustream iPhone app now live in app store, W00t!
Ella is digging the kids inaugural, Nice to have hope mongering for a change. ;)
‘muggle’ #Geocaching term, a non-cacher, person not playing the game, not aware of caching, from Harry Potter "a non-magical person"
#Twitter Good Enough for #Obama, Not Yet Ready For San Clemente? Your thoughts? Writing a blog post in response.
Released Ella's Magic Geocaching Amulet
I have a dream Url Please! Short URLs are common in many web sites and apps. Use this web service to reduce uncertainty for your users. Pano Cam, Live -> 9:00am Air/Ocean: 65.7/57.0 Wind: SE 1.0 Surf: 1-2ft. WSW Smooth Ocean Surface Sky: Clear 20 miles #CNN #Photosynthing the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States Live -> 1:04pm Air/Ocean: 78.8/59.0 Wind: W 6.0 Surf: 1-2ft. SW Smooth Ocean Surface Sky: Clear 20 miles, Trunk it!
High surf advisory in effect from 2 am Saturday to 2 PM PST Monday...
Hold My Calls... Live -> 7:05am Air/Ocean: 56.2/57.0 Wind: NW 0.0 Surf: 1-2ft. WSW Smooth Ocean Surface Sky: Clear 20 miles TGIF!!
FTC National Not Call Registry, NOW OPEN. Stop Phone Spam, Just call this number 888-382-1222 Velzy's Shaping Shed #Photosynth Silverlight Version for the Mac Impaired.
Dale 's Shaping Shed #Photosynth 71 Photos - 99% Synthy
Will be stopping into today, to talk story and shoot a #Photosynth or two. More of my 's Live! 9:19am Air/Ocean: 80.0/57.0 Wind: ESE 0.0 Surf: 1-3ft. WSW Smooth Ocean Surface Sky: Clear 20 miles Summer? Episode 223.MP3, Some Assembly Required, Mash Me Amadeus!!
Windows 7 Everything Windows Vista Should Have Been. Live -> 4:44pm Air/Ocean: 73.2/56.0 Wind: WNW 6.0 Surf: 1-2ft. WSW Rippled Ocean Surface Sky: Clear 20 miles
Fullest set, this San Clemente Morn My FREE FREE FREE iPhone ringtone of the moment.
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How I got my Windows key and downloaded link, #Windows7 now installed and fully digging it.
Now running Windows 7 Beta, SNAPPY!
got my key and downloading Windows 7 W00T¡
What a blue sky day!!! Http:// Carter's San Clemente Surfboards #Photosynth #Silverlight version made from 129 photos got a 97% synthy Goes DRM FREE!
Inventor of Hawaiian Shirt Says Final gs blog post, Linking Patterns on Twitter an analysis of 10.2 million tweets containing 2 million links. Got in on the fun, Geocaching, Where YOU are the search engine!!!
There are four boxes to use in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo. - Ed Howdershelt Microsoft Image Composite Editor an advanced panoramic image stitcher. The app makes a high-res pano w/all source images
Jake Bacon's Buffalo show .MP3 from New Years Eve on #KUCI
My last 100 to get traffic saw a total of 5287 hits.
2009 and feeling fine!
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