Park Semper Fi San Clemente 253 Photos - 95% Synthy!! Woot!

Beautiful day in San Clemente, Just Photosynth'd Park Semper Fi, uploading those shots now When in the course of human events, unattended grievances make it obviously necessary for citizens to reexamine... Asks Feds for Yet Another Bailout!?! Retweet to @SaveTrestles For Everyone!
Bleeding Edge Track - the transformational power of social media. #bwe08
Blogworld Expo keynote = hour long infomercial
watching the Blogworld keynote, where is Mark Cuben when you need him? Yawn...
Waiting for #bwe08 keynote to start. Got Bloggers?? :)
shares filled GX in Victorville, next stop Vegas and #blogworld08
Posted By Darin R. McClure to Our Honda Civic GX at 9/18/2008 04:05:00
shares A Story of Social Media and the Long Tail or For Halloween I am Going to be Seth Godin:
shares A Bird in the Hand...
Henry Ford sold Cars with adds. I'm selling Peace, Yoko & I are just a big add campaign Might make people laugh, might make them think- JL
shares Get Gotta love Our Honda Civic GX, about time they came out of the shadows! GOT CNG?
shares Plurk ads a "Responded" plurks tab, KUDOS To the A-Team!!!
has a 10:30 appointment at the DMV, Fun for me or what?
shares A look at the life of Groucho Marx and the Marx Brothers, as told by Groucho Marx.
shares In politics, absurdity is not a handicap. - Napoleon Bonaparte, I think I used to work for him. - DRM
I don't pretend to understand the universe - it's much bigger than I am. - Big Al
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