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ESTP - "Promotor". Action! When present, things begin to happen. Fiercely competitive. Entrepreneur. Often uses shock effect to get attention. Negotiator par excellence. 4.3% of total population. Content, emotionally stable, outgoing, social, group oriented, finisher, does not like to be alone, open, decisive, likes external praise, likes to be center of attention, always joking, adjusts easily, likes crowds, self confident, neutral moods, good at getting people to have fun, disorganized, messy, talented at presentation, can be easily annoyed...

Got Action?

Conversations: the E's and I's of It

The E's and The I's
Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. We have found it really interesting. Whether I take the six point quiz on Facebook or the longer more elaborate questionnaires I always end with the same result, ISFJ. Darin consistently is labeled an ESTP. The Myers-Brigg evaluation is expressed in four different quadrants where our personalities range between two qualities. The letters stand for that quality.

Extroversion / Introversion
Sensing / Intuition (N)
Thinking / Feeling
Judging / Perceiving

And I was thinking about the Extroversion and Introversion element. I see evidence of Darin's "E-ness" and my "I-ness" all over the place. This doesn't mean simply that Darin is an Extrovert and I am an Introvert, that isn't it. Extroversion in the Myers-Briggs test describes the personality who's primary interaction with the world is expressed externally. Action, interacting with others is what feeds them. They live externally and their primary experience is of things external. The absence of action and external stimulation depletes them. Introverts, the I's, their experience is an internal one. They recharge with reflection, thought and contemplation.

Our activities online really reflect this dichotomy. Darin is very chatty and part of many conversations and groups. He instigates action and reaches out immediately. Darin often jokes that he has been Twittering his whole life as his email are characteristically short and to the point. My activities tend to be more reflective and contemplative. Much more the listening side.

This year's Blog World Expo was a lesson in engagement and that first lesson for me was one of reciprocity. I follow a lot of the same people as Darin. I look through their streams and Darin and I speak of our Twitter friends like we speak of any one we know IRL (IRL = in real life). But I don't always reach out. What has developed is that I have a group of individuals that I have only engaged with on one level. One half of the conversation does not a conversation make. I am listening but how would they ever know?

We probably all fall to one side of the spectrum or the other. The Extroverts of the world will naturally be more comfortable initiating relationships and enjoying the speed and brevity of microblogging. Introverts may feel more fulfilled having longer more elaborate blogs. While they may excel in listening there won't be a conversation or a relationship unless action takes place. Because unlike in real life (IRL) on the internet if you don't comment or let them know you are listening they just don't know.

The conversation has to be reciprocal. That takes action. Give and take. Yin and Yang.

I will be sharing my antidotes to my "I-ness."
The E's out there may find them helpful too.
And then I will have some adventures to share with you.

;) Lisa

I-ness Antidote: Twitter Gifting

Our Services

RTGit provides web hosting, web design along with the services of search engine optimization, reputation management and what was once called social media. We prefer conversational media because you don't have a social, you have a conversation.

What is not measured is not managed.
A surprising amount of website owners do not look at their analytics. Maybe people are intimidated by numbers and graphs? Analytics can give you great information, insights and opportunities. We believe each business owner should be actively involved and engaged in their analytics. Your website is representing you online and has the unique ability to collect data in a way a brick and mortar store cannot. You need to know who is visiting and what they are looking for. How else will you help them? How else can you grow your business? We help you with this.

Set up objectives and your definition of success.
Everyone wants all the traffic they can get. Everyone wants first place in Google. But is that really the proper definition of success for you? Learning the lexicon of your customers, analyzing their needs and finding their communities online is where your strategy needs to begin.

Web Site Hosting & Design
Web site design begins with objectives and functionality. Web sites are no longer the static brochures that they have been in the past. Web sites are dynamic hubs of activity and conversation. Web sites should be built to meet your goals whether that is conversions for your business, donations for your non profit, spreading your message, sharing a new product line, campaigning for a cause or pure self expression. Web sites tell your story and become the digital representation of you online. The days of the Yellow Pages are over. We design sites to help you meet your objectives and to grow your identity online.

Search Engine Optimization
The process of making your site easy to find on the internet via search engines is the crux of search engine optimization. Discovering the keywords and phrases which will draw the traffic you are targeting, analyzing data to insure you are serving your visitors and building organic landing pages with relevant, recent and local content to serve your clients and potential clients.

Reputation Management and Trending Topics
Opportunity and Synchronicity come to those who are prepared and listening.
Sometimes we don't know what we don't know. But don't worry there is an app for that. We can show you strategies to gather and aggregate timely and important information which can help you stay abreast of anything from industry new, trending topics, social change to what is being said online regarding your company.

Conversational Media Campaign
Be the media. Creative Media Making.
Tapping into web conversations to engage with your community in order to contribute and convert. When at least 25% of top search engine placement is from user generated content it behooves anyone with an investment in their internet presence to become a media maker. The media makers are shifting from the large corporate networks to small grassroots production. You would be amazed at what can be done with an iPhone. And we will teach you how to make and share that media and even more importantly how to monitor and take part in the conversation which follows.

For more information on how our services can get you Ready To Go contact us at Ready To Go Information Technologies.

Vista and Me; Part Deux

When we last left off the installation of Vista Service Pack 1 was in progress. It finished up about 45 minutes later. My camera and browser problem were resolved.

So all in all it took me just under three hours to have a video chat via Google Talk.  I considered myself a lucky duck, to complete this task, without tech support from India. That was until I saw a television commercial for Windows 7.

This guy who claims to be a PC, is walking though his house bragging about how his laptop is playing music from a computer in a different room. Another laptop is streaming  movies to the TV. He can print photos from anywhere in his house, and watch the latest stock reports on anything with a LCD screen, as he gingerly saunters from room to room. All is well in the world, because he uses Windows 7.

Is this how my life should be? How could this be? Did he throw out all his old computers and stuff and buy twenty-five grand of gear to live in this Nirvana? Even if he did wouldn't there be hours loading music and movies. What about the horror of seeing the printer in the network window but still not being able to print. How about his low tech wife who keeps on downloading pretty screen savers with embedded viruses. What about that TV, did he just get lucky that it has the hardware for just this type of wireless connectivity? And I wish he mentioned what model of magic router allows all these devices to work together without any IP conflicts. Or maybe Windows 7 is really magic that can transform all your current appliances into sentient beings.. .  but I digress. . .

My question now is do I muddle through with the Vista that I have or cross over to the Valhalla that is Windows 7. Even if I upgrade the install process will most likely set me back a few more hours, not to mention some more cash.

The saga will continue . . .  in part 3 coming on Monday.

Vista and Me

With all the hub-bub about Windows 7 lately,  I am wondering what this might mean to our future, or at the very least the future of my Toshiba Satellite M205 Laptop.

I purchased my Toshiba Satellite M205 Laptop when a freak "kicked power cord" accident prematurely ended my Acer 15" XP running duty cyle. While I'm not a devote techie, I know how to shop for a computer, at least I thought I did. The Satellite had some impressive specs, I was sure that this puppy would scream, at least in the XP world that I was used to. I plunked down my $700 at Circuit City and went home like a warrior with a fresh kill to feed his village.

Upon the 1st power up I was bitten by The Vista Bug, and it was incurable. The Toshiba Satellite M205 Laptop is not capable of running XP, at least not without following a gazillion step process of finding and installing various drivers and other deep tech tasks. My choices were Brick or Vista. The result was somewhere in the middle. The machine was dreadfully slow. It has all the Vista trappings, there was the constant battle with pop-ups, and it seemed like it was in a perpetual state of updates. I did not lose hope! This was a dual core machine with 2 gigs of ram, it must need just a bit more help, so back to the store, for  4 gigs of ram. (when in doubt add ram). Once installed and rebooted, I was faced with the fact that Vista can only use 3 Gigs of ram. The full 4 gigs  is there and working correctly but the system just doesn't use it.  You think the guys selling the ram would of mentioned that.

So now this laptop is turning into a hobby project rather than a business tool. Once I tried to install Apple's safari and itunes. The programs would disappear at the next restart. I tried the install 3 times with the same results. Then just gave up. I re-installed vista from the back-up disks, turned system options off and on, and after a long while found Vista to be kind of stable, kind of okay.

It is what it is.
I work on a desktop 90% of the time so the laptop really just became a nice office decoration, that I used basically as an expensive net-book. I have now reached a point where I needed the Laptop for a video conference through Google Talk, simple right? Not a chance. The camera and mic work fine , expect there is some conflict that when used through the browser does not allow me to see my image or the image from the other camera. Two hours of surfing led me to the answer that I need to install Vista Service Pack 1, to fix this problem. I started this a 10:45am EST, its now 12:17 and I'm at Stage 1 of 3 84% complete.

The saga will continue . . .  in part 2 coming on Friday.

Our Values and Ideas

Ideas matter. Ideas have wings.
Conversational media sites will come and go, technology will evolve more and more rapidly but the underlying ideas are what is circulating. The power and strength of the ideas behind your message matter and it is the ideas which propel themselves.

We like to share compelling ideas with you. One of our favorite sources is Cross pollinating ideas from other disciplines is powerful. Sharing stories with each other has been how we humans have always shared ideas. Nothing has changed, but now our tools are phenomenal.
By sharing ideas we can come up with new solutions and new venues to connect and grow.
Tools are not Appliances.
Our tools are phenomenal, but unlike an appliance, a tool denotes a certain level of skill. By investing in our tools we can learn how to maximize the message of our ideas. Joining the online conversation is modern literacy and should be enjoyed by all who wish to take part. We believe in sharing the skills of conversational media and to empower all to take part.
It's not a generational thing, it's a human thing.
Free Speech. Free Minds. Free Markets.
The freedom of information granted via the internet, whether it be citizen journalism capturing live events as they happen, people with common interests and common goals uniting from all corners of the globe, to niche businesses finding unique markets and creative partnerships. It's powerful, it's new and we can make great things happen.
We aren't afraid of our neighbors, we are anxious to meet them.
Ohana is the Hawaiian word for "family" and is defined in wikipedia as "family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional." It also emphasizes that "families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another." In the spirit of Ohana we would like to honor two families whose ideas are near and dear to our hearts.

Everyone lives downstream, Clean Air. Clean Water.
We are proud supporters of The Surfrider Foundation and their contribution to stopping the 241 South Toll Road from being built through pristine watershed, the San Mateo Campground and protecting and securing Trestles, a world class surf break, The Panhe ancient indian burial grounds, and also home to 11 endangered species. Mucho Mahalos Surfrider Foundation.

We also drive a natural gas powered Honda Civic GX, the worlds cleanest internal combustion automobile. You could say we are the poster children of the Pickens Plan. Please hit us up for a test drive and ask us about our favorite Honda Dealership!

Accessibility and Equal Access
We are also proud supporters of the California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired. CTEBVI works to enhance and improve the lives of those who are BVI from childhood into adulthood by advocating braille literacy, new teaching techniques, and personal independence by offering programs that are new and technically advanced. CTEBVI's mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in braille transcribing and education for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Synchronicity & Serendipity
There is a curious thing about synchronicity and serendipity, they tend to happen when you are open and receptive to ideas. In more silly moments we refer to the internet as the iChing of the universe, but there is something to be said for having your tools Ready To Go.

The Scientific Method, Bill of Rights, Be Here Now
We are in times of great change and great opportunity. Institutions and structures are changing and morphing more in our lifetime than in prior centuries. It's time to remember our sacred roots.

Mucho Muhalos,

Darin & Lisa

BWE09 In 8 Min

Blog World & New Media Expo In 8 Min GOT POLE DANCING??? Follow Us on our adventures in deepest Las Vegas #bwe09

Leo Laporte • Closing Keynote at Blog World Expo

Leo Laporte • Closing Keynote at Blog World Expo;
"Keep communicating your passion, become the new media."

The Climate Change Bandwagon

Welcome Aboard! 

Greetings and Salutations — Allow me to introduce myself prior to my short Climate Change Bandwagon riff below — I am Christopher Vaccaro, one of the newest members of Team My forte for the past 24 years is Graphic Art and Web Design. Staying current with the latest trends of the web has always been a cross between a labor of love and a strong pain in the buttocks, mostly the latter. It was at those times when I picked up the phone and contacted an old high school friend some 3000 plus miles away. Born with the gift of "the new and trendy" he has always been a trusted source of the latest music, fashion, technology and whatever. Today is no different, currently he and his wife are attending The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. An event that will help shape the future of Internet Marketing, Conversational Media, and the way we will be using the internet in the months and years to come. If you haven't guessed my friend is Darin McClure, co-founder of Ready To Go Information Technologies. Which I am extremely proud and privileged to be part of.

The Climate Change Bandwagon Riff

With all that we are faced with in our daily lives, the Earth's Climate is something that I have always thought of as something that you just accepted and adapted to. However, it seems there is more that a individual can do than once perceived.  In addition, thanks to Obama, The US Government, and all it's taxpayers; there will most likely be a way to put a little coin in your pocket during the process.

RTGit Visits Blogworld 2009

What do you get when you have 2 techno bohemians, 1 cng powered Honda Civic and a bunch of new media types all in one place? Blogworld 2009!

World Keeps Spinning San Clemente

Music Monday World Keeps Spinning (The Brand New Heavies) & San Clemente Seafest Candy Run

Have an iPhone? Are you making your own media, or just using it as a phone?

Psst if you are just using it as a phone, you should have called TMobile...

MC 900 Foot Jesus Playlist

Music creates an emotional response... Are you?


We Support The Surfrider Foundation

We support the Surfrider Foundation & You should too!

Keep the above "tomorrow" just a fantasy created in a computer.

See you all tonight at the Gala!

What is A Web Browser Anyway?

What is a web browser anyway? And Where Do I download Google Chrome?

Feeling adventurous? Try the Google Chrome Beta!

Not just for betaphiles.

Ross Teasley invites YOU to join

Live in the OC? Want to do some good? Join

San Clemente Pier Bowl Geocaching

Got Cache? Or are you just a "Muggle"?

Geocaching puts you and your family on a never ending hunt for treasure, and we are sure there is one nearby, go sign up for outdoor family fun for all ages

I shot the 5 Min video on my iPhone 3GS and then using using the Slowmo (3GS iPhone Only) App cut that time bown to 20 seconds! or +16x What's this? A meadow in the pier bowl? We live, work & garden here in the San Clemente Pier Bowl, and it's also a great place to geocache.

Local secret! Park for free on Santa Barbara to begin your walking adventure. From here you can easily search for this cache and many others, be sure to bring a camera!

Things To Do In San Clemente

Walking tour, Farmers Market and First Sunday Street Fair on Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente Ca. Ti Amo Mi Amor...

Looking for more fun things to do in San Clemente? check out

Google Wave in 2min

Did you know that email was invented 40 years ago. The same year as the lava lamp? Google takes a look at what we are doing now in our digital conversations, and asks, what would email look like if we reinvented it today? The answer, that will leave the competition in the dust, is Wave.

PS: We hope this guy got his invite!

Paddling Out To Google Wave

Surf! Whao Surf! Is the only way I say to make music with the wave all day!

Will be playing with Wave all day and update this blog post with my take aways.

First glance, crazy chat everywhere, no need to hit enter...

Wave all your typos go public!
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