Our Values and Ideas

Ideas matter. Ideas have wings.
Conversational media sites will come and go, technology will evolve more and more rapidly but the underlying ideas are what is circulating. The power and strength of the ideas behind your message matter and it is the ideas which propel themselves.

We like to share compelling ideas with you. One of our favorite sources is Cross pollinating ideas from other disciplines is powerful. Sharing stories with each other has been how we humans have always shared ideas. Nothing has changed, but now our tools are phenomenal.
By sharing ideas we can come up with new solutions and new venues to connect and grow.
Tools are not Appliances.
Our tools are phenomenal, but unlike an appliance, a tool denotes a certain level of skill. By investing in our tools we can learn how to maximize the message of our ideas. Joining the online conversation is modern literacy and should be enjoyed by all who wish to take part. We believe in sharing the skills of conversational media and to empower all to take part.
It's not a generational thing, it's a human thing.
Free Speech. Free Minds. Free Markets.
The freedom of information granted via the internet, whether it be citizen journalism capturing live events as they happen, people with common interests and common goals uniting from all corners of the globe, to niche businesses finding unique markets and creative partnerships. It's powerful, it's new and we can make great things happen.
We aren't afraid of our neighbors, we are anxious to meet them.
Ohana is the Hawaiian word for "family" and is defined in wikipedia as "family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional." It also emphasizes that "families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another." In the spirit of Ohana we would like to honor two families whose ideas are near and dear to our hearts.

Everyone lives downstream, Clean Air. Clean Water.
We are proud supporters of The Surfrider Foundation and their contribution to stopping the 241 South Toll Road from being built through pristine watershed, the San Mateo Campground and protecting and securing Trestles, a world class surf break, The Panhe ancient indian burial grounds, and also home to 11 endangered species. Mucho Mahalos Surfrider Foundation.

We also drive a natural gas powered Honda Civic GX, the worlds cleanest internal combustion automobile. You could say we are the poster children of the Pickens Plan. Please hit us up for a test drive and ask us about our favorite Honda Dealership!

Accessibility and Equal Access
We are also proud supporters of the California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired. CTEBVI works to enhance and improve the lives of those who are BVI from childhood into adulthood by advocating braille literacy, new teaching techniques, and personal independence by offering programs that are new and technically advanced. CTEBVI's mission is to promote excellence and professionalism in braille transcribing and education for persons who are blind or visually impaired.

Synchronicity & Serendipity
There is a curious thing about synchronicity and serendipity, they tend to happen when you are open and receptive to ideas. In more silly moments we refer to the internet as the iChing of the universe, but there is something to be said for having your tools Ready To Go.

The Scientific Method, Bill of Rights, Be Here Now
We are in times of great change and great opportunity. Institutions and structures are changing and morphing more in our lifetime than in prior centuries. It's time to remember our sacred roots.

Mucho Muhalos,

Darin & Lisa

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