The Climate Change Bandwagon

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Greetings and Salutations — Allow me to introduce myself prior to my short Climate Change Bandwagon riff below — I am Christopher Vaccaro, one of the newest members of Team My forte for the past 24 years is Graphic Art and Web Design. Staying current with the latest trends of the web has always been a cross between a labor of love and a strong pain in the buttocks, mostly the latter. It was at those times when I picked up the phone and contacted an old high school friend some 3000 plus miles away. Born with the gift of "the new and trendy" he has always been a trusted source of the latest music, fashion, technology and whatever. Today is no different, currently he and his wife are attending The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. An event that will help shape the future of Internet Marketing, Conversational Media, and the way we will be using the internet in the months and years to come. If you haven't guessed my friend is Darin McClure, co-founder of Ready To Go Information Technologies. Which I am extremely proud and privileged to be part of.

The Climate Change Bandwagon Riff

With all that we are faced with in our daily lives, the Earth's Climate is something that I have always thought of as something that you just accepted and adapted to. However, it seems there is more that a individual can do than once perceived.  In addition, thanks to Obama, The US Government, and all it's taxpayers; there will most likely be a way to put a little coin in your pocket during the process.

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