@EllaBell interviews Jerry Collamer

As part of the #JoinHANDS Event at the San Clemente Pier @EllaBell interviews Surfrider Activist Jerry Collamer

San Clemente Pier Hands Across The Sand Photoset

Hands Across The Sand at the San Clemente Pier #JoinHANDS photoset

Lady Madonna & The Brass Ring Blues

First Responders Luncheon at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley today.

Download iPhone iOS 4 Today

Today You can download the new iPhone iOS 4 update from iTunes at 10am Pacific time! So if you have an iPhone 3gs get ready for multitasking!

Gmail Power User Tips & Tricks

Ready to make the jump to the cloud? Check out these Gmail power user tips & tricks.

This is Orange County

The Concordia 3rd grade class with "This is Orange County" video by Grandma Linda McClure

Some Assembly Required With Jon Nelson

Radio K's Some Assembly Required with Jon Nelson. Produced and edited by Arden Durham. Camera operators: Arden Durham, Jonathan Kranzler, Colin McFadden. Original broadcast on PBS station Twin Cities Public Television in 2003 as part of Radio K's Special Episode of Video K.

San Clemente Beach Concert Series

The 11th Annual San Clemente Beach Concert Series “Bringing the Bands to the Sand!” Join our community to celebrate ten years of live music on the beach with the sunset as your backdrop and free seating in the sand. For more info call the San Clemente Recreation Division at 361-8264.

& Now, Please enjoy "Common Sense Band on the Sand" from last year!

Our Oceans, Our Responsibility.

From WikiPedia World Ocean Day is an opportunity every year to honor the world's ocean, celebrate the products the ocean provides, such as seafood, as well as marine life itself for aquariums, pets, and also a time to appreciate its own intrinsic value. The ocean also provides sea-lanes for international trade. Global pollution and over-consumption of fish have resulted in drastically dwindling population of the majority of species.

The Ocean Project, working in partnership with the World Ocean Network, has been promoting WOD since 2003 with its network of over 900 organizations and others throughout the world. These groups have been working to build greater awareness of the crucial role of the ocean in our lives and the important ways people can help. World Ocean Day provides an opportunity to get directly involved in protecting our future, through a new mindset and personal and community action and involvement – beach cleanups, educational programs, art contests, film festivals, sustainable seafood events, and other planned activities help to raise consciousness of how our lives depend on the ocean.
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