Vista and Me; Part Deux

When we last left off the installation of Vista Service Pack 1 was in progress. It finished up about 45 minutes later. My camera and browser problem were resolved.

So all in all it took me just under three hours to have a video chat via Google Talk.  I considered myself a lucky duck, to complete this task, without tech support from India. That was until I saw a television commercial for Windows 7.

This guy who claims to be a PC, is walking though his house bragging about how his laptop is playing music from a computer in a different room. Another laptop is streaming  movies to the TV. He can print photos from anywhere in his house, and watch the latest stock reports on anything with a LCD screen, as he gingerly saunters from room to room. All is well in the world, because he uses Windows 7.

Is this how my life should be? How could this be? Did he throw out all his old computers and stuff and buy twenty-five grand of gear to live in this Nirvana? Even if he did wouldn't there be hours loading music and movies. What about the horror of seeing the printer in the network window but still not being able to print. How about his low tech wife who keeps on downloading pretty screen savers with embedded viruses. What about that TV, did he just get lucky that it has the hardware for just this type of wireless connectivity? And I wish he mentioned what model of magic router allows all these devices to work together without any IP conflicts. Or maybe Windows 7 is really magic that can transform all your current appliances into sentient beings.. .  but I digress. . .

My question now is do I muddle through with the Vista that I have or cross over to the Valhalla that is Windows 7. Even if I upgrade the install process will most likely set me back a few more hours, not to mention some more cash.

The saga will continue . . .  in part 3 coming on Monday.

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