Curation Station: Keep the Quality Content Coming

Curation Station: Keep the Quality Content Coming
Finding relevant, timely and high quality content to share on a daily basis takes time and an eye for what is going to resonant with your community. Providing this material builds your reputation as a resource in your niche. Curating a strong social streams keeps you educated on trends in your industry, feeds your creativity and connects you to your audience.

Here is a sample of places to source for recent, relevant and local material to share to your social networks.

1. is a website and mobile app which uses social media analytics to rank users according to their social media influence. Recently Klout added a new feature which suggests trending posts. Sign in and click on "Create" to find a list of recommended posts. Add the topics you wish to explore. Posts are labeled "Hot Off the Press," "Trending" or "Hidden Gem" if less than 9% of your audience is likely to have seen the link.

2. Keywords Phrases with Google Alerts
Tap into the lexicon of your audience keep abreast of those alerts to find the most current and relevant articles to share.

Visit and enter your search query. Use Boolean search to adjust your queries. (For example Surfboard + "San Clemente"  will result in finding articles with include both Surfboard and San Clemente and will not bring up searches where san and clemente appear as separate words.)

These results will then be delivered to an email of your choice. You may want to set up some rules in your email box to optimize your email experience.

3. #Hashtag Haven and Trending Topics
Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon as these social media sites have adopted the #Hashtag. Take a few moments to visit each and perform a quick search of your keywords to see if any newsworthy material rises to the surface. Always include a peek at the Trending Topics to see if any are relevant to your market.

When you have a free account with bitly you not only have the priviledge of using their link shortening service but you also have access to click through rates to top content from your networks. This gives you a great vetting tool for finding content which has a higher click through rate. Click on "Your Network" and see the bitly stats for links your network has saved.

Find what's trending at Articles and Videos are sorted by the amount of times they have received "thumbs up" or dugg in terms of the social media bookmarking site. Signing up for the Digg Reader allows you access to categories within Digg.

Google News sources from different news sources world wide. You can subscribe to various news groupings or enter searches of your own. Google News gives you the opportunity to adjust your news sources and to personalize your Google News page.

What are your favorite curation tools and techniques?

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