Hub & Spoke Web Marketing Model

hub and spoke web marketing model
The Hub and Spoke Marketing Model
We employ the Hub and Spoke Marketing Model in our web marketing campaigns.

What does this mean?

Your website, along with your blog, is considered the hub of your campaign. It is the center of activity and where you direct visitors, where conversions occur and where you can access information on traffic and visitors.

While you have points of contact on every spoke, ultimately your website is where everything is being directed. Spokes may include social media sites, email marketing campaings, pay per click campaigns, as well as mailings, newspaper and print ads, but they all point back to your website.

It is your website that is truly and literally "your domain." Invest your time and energy in your domain where you have the creative control over the user experience. No one is going to change service terms or claim ownership of your material on your site. Your site, your rules. Your site, your analytics. Build on your own ground.

This is where you convert, this is where you track your progress, this is where you invest your time on the web.

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