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But I don't care what breakfast cereal you are eating at the moment ...
When I hear comments like that I cringe. Not because I don't share the sentiment but because they are missing out on the amazing opportunities available from Twitter. But to get the goodness you must join the conversation.

Here are three simple steps for you to start taking part.

On your Twitter home page in the upper right hand corner right you will find where this magic takes place.

1. Check your @'s
When people send you messages and address you in conversations it is addressed as @yourusername. To make sure you are hearing people be sure to check your @s.


2. Check your DMs

DMs (Direct Messages) are the private chat of Twitter. You may only receive DMs from those you follow. DMs are private messages and are not seen in your time line.

3. Twitter is search. Real live action search of what is going on in the collective consciousness. Set searches to find conversations about your interests to plug into the conversations of your choise. If you are searching for a two word phrase use quotes to find that phrase.

Enter your keyword or keyword phrase, add quotations to search for that combination of words by pressing the image of the looking glass.

Save searches for easy reference and consistent monitoring. They will appear in the right hand column of your page for your convenience. You will be able to monitor and stay track of conversations involving topics of your choice at the push of a button.

Rinse and repeat. You are now Ready To Go.

Join the conversation. See you on the interwebs!

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