Getting In Touch With Literacy 2009

The Surf's Up in California Time to Get on Board!
Getting In Touch With Literacy Conference 
November 12-15, 2009 Orange County, Costa Mesa California

This weekend I am going to Costa Mesa to check out the Getting In Touch With Literacy 2009 conference. The list of keynote speakers is remarkable. Assistive technology has really changed the landscape for the blind and visually impaired.

A professor Sunggye Hong, a Ph.D., Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University is giving a workshop on how "the new digital social interaction methods can create both challenges and opportunities for those with visual impairments." The shift in how people communicate affects us all. Having an opportunity to watch these inventive and inspired educators use technology to connect and teach their students gives me a chance to reflect on how technology is changing how we all communicate and to reevaluate what can be accomplished with our tools.

For more information on this remarkable and unique internation conference please visit their conference web site at

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