Twitter Gifting

My first antidote to the "I-ness" issue is something called Twitter Gifting.

Look at your list of followers. Who are they? What information or entertainment can you send their way? How can you acknowledge them? Engagement begins with acknowledgement and to make a friendly thoughtful gesture is the best way to open up a conversation.

We Aren't Our Numbers
The Dunbar Number intrigues me and there does seem to be an upper limit to how many people you can hold a meaningful conversation with. However, the numbers game is fruitless, people jockeying for the most amount of followers annoys me, we aren't competing for who has the longest contact list. It's about the discussion. Who are you influencing? What information are you sharing? What conversations are you starting and nurturing?

Let's talk quality. Let's build a resource. Let's connect. My first suggestion is Twitter Gifting.

1. bring something to the conversation

2. show that you care, that you looked at who they are, that you listen

3. wrap it cleverly and with care

a. include their @username
b. make your Tweet a bit short for easy retweeting
c. use or a link shortener
d. give hint to the content, use descriptive language

4. Words to the wise. Always view the complete item before you forward.

Twitter Gifting is our first in a list of antidotes to the issue of "I-ness."

Now you are Ready To Go and become part of the conversation.

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