Internet Lexicon

What we define here as the Internet Lexicon is the collection of strange acroymns and terminology which has sprung up on the world wide web. There is a culture on the internet evolving. You don't necessarily have to pepper your Tweets and Comments and Posts with LOL, OMG, ROFLOL. We find that one of the barriers to people feeling comfortable on the web is that they don't understand some of the cultural .... (for lack of a better word) terms and behaviors.

This is where we have a light hearted list. A little cheat sheet that we add to so you can educate yourself on this new space developing right before our eyes and at our fingertips. If you have items you think belong on this list please send them are way.

We watch on like Jane Goodall. Think of yourself as a social anthropologist studying the evolution of how people communicate and form relationships. With that spirit take part and enjoy the engagement.

Acronym Overload
There is also a prolific usage of all kinds of acronyms on the internet. LOL is probably one of the most widely adapted. I see reference to these acroymns more and more in non digital places.

RTG Ready To Go, our very name. You are now RTG!

IT Infomation Technology, the IT department, where you get all things tech answered

IRL in real life

LOL laugh out loud, laughing out loud

RTM Remember The Milk, one of my current favorite productivity products

OMG Oh My God/goodness

Other points
Writing in all caps can be considered rude in some circumstances and analogous to shouting.

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