Using Twitter To Listen #CSLCV

When you login to Twitter via your gmail address you will be Home.

From Home you can tweet to your followers, to the left Click on Compose new Tweet.

From Home on the right you will see tweets and retweets from everyone you follow.

Mouse over any tweet to reply or @ the person tweeting.

Mouse over any tweet to retweet and share with your followers

Mouse over any tweet to favorite to your favorites archive.

Click the @ Connect tab to view @'s and other interactions.

An "@" or an "At" is someone talking to or about someone on Twitter.

From the Connect Tab you will also be able to see who has followed you and who has retweeted your tweets.

When someone follows you, your tweets will end up in their Home,

When someone retweets you your tweets will also end up in their Home for everyone that follows them to view.

Tweet Well!

The last tab is "Discover" this is where you can search twitter for what interests you.

For this we will use #CSLCV by adding a hashtag in front of any word at twitter you make that word searchable, by clicking on #CSLCV you will only see tweets tagged by the tweeter with the #CSLCV hashtag there by creating a virtual space on twitter for people to connect and share.

So Tweet out to @DarinRMcClure and @LisaMcClure so we know you are there!

Questions? feel free to ask in the comments.

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