Into Your Gmail Inbox #iaswaga

Welcome to your inbox, this is your jumping off point.

With your new @gmail address you will be able to move all of your important documents and photos onto the cloud, you will also be able to use shared calendars and write your own novel, the choice is up to you.

Click on Google, to save your videos at youtube, to view your calendar,  to upload your music, to blog, to listen like the bionic human to the things that matter with reader & to upload all your photos to the cloud.

If we can get you to your inbox we can go anywhere.

The social site that IOS comes built in with, (iPhones, Ipads, Ipods, Dishwashers...) is twitter,

Twitter is a place to listen and is the most important social networks out there during a disaster and why we teach that first.

Go to and sign up with your new gmail address!

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