How To: Post to Draft @Blogger in 8 Steps

Blogger Updated,
New Walk thru here for steps #3 forward  "This Is Your SEO"

Step 1. Go to 

sign in with your @gmail address 

if you are on your home computer, check "Stay signed in"

"Blogger in Draft" is where all the cool stuff rolls out first to Blogger. 

Step 2. Click the "Orange Pencil" for the blog you want to post to.

Note, if you have more than one blog, the last blog you posted to will be at the top.

Step 3. Write a "Post Title" in the title field & write your blog in the "Post Body"

You have all the formatting options right above the post body, click to change the font, font size, add a photo or a link etc. 

Step 4 click on "Post settings" to the right of your posts body, this will pop out,  "Labels, Schedule, Location & Options."

Step 5.  Add a "Label" to your post.

Remember, the internet is not a searching problem, it is a sorting one. 

Curate the content you create!

Step 6. Schedule your post.

By selecting "Automatic" your post will be posted immediately. 

By selecting "Set date and time" you can choose a time in the future that your post will be posted to the blog.

Step 7. Search for and set the "Location" of your post.

Step 8. Click "Publish"

After you click visit your post and proofread it.

You should read your post out loud as your ear is the best editor you have.


  1. I sent this to Heather too... Thank you hunny.

  2. Great set of directions, thanks for the "How To"...


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