Never Begin a Tweet with an @ and Why

A very quick and easy way to limit the reach of a Tweet is to begin it with an @.

That wasn't always the case. When @Twitter first begin
we could see Everyone's @'s to Everyone.

This is how @'s work @Twitter now,
For example if I were to Tweet out to Darin

@DarinRMcClure are you ready for lunch?

only our subset of shared friends will see that tweet beginning with an @.

However, change up the syntax, begin the Tweet with anything but an @ symbol, like this

Hey @DarinRMcClure are you ready for lunch? 

or sometimes you may see a dot used for this very reason.

.@DarinRMcClure are you ready for lunch?

In closing, you come to @Twitter to share and connect, do not limit that connection.
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