Staffing and Empire Avenue

What is Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue is a new social network which imposes a gaming layer over a collection of social networks. Empire Avenue then generates a score from each linked social network account attempting to value a user's influence, reach and engagement in each network using a score from 1-100.

Here is the real twist. Empire Avenue is also it's own economy with it's own currency called eaves. Your social worth is calibrated and charted and the game is to trade and sell each other to create wealth.

While some may use this as a game with the only intent being the enjoyment of playing and the thrill of economic victory, the eaves do translate into real cash, Empire Avenue's unique organization of information can make it a tool to connect and use the social web as a true resource for business.

How Can Empire Avenue be used in the staffing industry?

Here are some initial ideas and insights. If you are "playing the game" please be sure to add to the list.

A Metric of Engagement

Empire Avenue grades you. People like grades. It gives them something to evalute. Klout, a recognized standard of online influence, is currently being used on resumes to demonstrate social influence on social media sites. You can use this metric to evaluate yourself or others across networks.

The Beauty of a Dashboard

In one glance the engagement of a user across Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube is displayed. You can see where an individual is most active and engage with them there.

Maybe you are friends on Twitter but haven't connected on LinkedIn where you can develop your professional relationship and find where you may have common business associates.

Share your experiences in the comments section below, oh and please, buy some Workway.

Lisa A. McClure

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  1. I like Empire Avenue's organization of data. It is very useful for benchmarking and understanding the social media strategy of key players. It lays out the mix of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and Blog activities people and entities use to generate value.


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