Empire Avenue: An Engagement Metrics Toolset

You should be noticing a large amount of buzz about a new iternet game called "Empire Avenue"

Do not be fooled into thinking that @EmpireAve is a game.

Empire Avenue gives you a full set of metrics from across the social space to look at.

How are you engaging @LinkedIn?

Are you spending too much time @Facebook or @Twitter?

When was the last time you updated your @Facebook Fanpage?

#EAv gives you a fun and easy way to check into all of those stats.

A lion cub can only become a great hunter thru play.

Still not convinced? Come hang out with us Saturday Night here in San Clemente.

Remember What is not Measured is not Managed.

Empire Avenue, helping you map your social footprint.


  1. The metrics can provide a direction for online marketing campaigns.

  2. This isn't an automated social media program right? Based on reviews, its performance has been loved by a lot of people and they're satisfied with the features it offers.


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