Twitter, Serendipity And The "@" Sign

From How To Bring Serendipitous Conversations Back To Twitter, A Rant

One of the recent changes @Twitter is that if you @AUser only the people that also follow that user will see the @. The solution from @Mashable is to place a . before the @ like .@Mashable

Let's turn it up a notch,

Never start your tweet with an @. Make your tweets talk. BAM!

Hey @Myfollower I think that you ROCK! & my reply to you should be seen for serendipitous reasons alone by my followers that may not know about YOU!

Heck! my @Reply to you may spark the creative juices in one of my followers who may write a post that could CHANGE the way we all do things!

The next time you @Someone in Twitter be sure to craft your tweet to begin with something other than the @UserName and share with a wider audience. (If you wanted no one to hear you, you would have sent a DM right?)

Let us know how that works for you and add your discoveries below in the comment section.


  1. Sometimes I reply @someone because it works like saying something when you're out in public with some friends - those in your shared circle of friends can join the conversation but others don't eavesdrop. It falls somewhere between broadcasting (as .@somebody) and whispering (DM). I find value in all these Twitter behaviours; they allow us to tune our communication.

  2. I used to think that the @Reply was nonsense. Especially because my feed always had a bunch of @replies and no context. I'd have to click on a user to see what was just said that they are replying to. It was highly annoying. Then, TweetDeck began inluding the "In reply to" link at the bottom of @Reply tweets. That made conversation following SOOOO much easier and better.

    I am a big fan of @Replies because you can pull up a conversation between two people. This actually reinforces your main point in that you want more people to connect. Yes, you won't see the conversation unless you are already following the duo, but if you are in their stream, you can more easily follow what is being said between two people instead of a bunch of random thoughts. I agree that @Replies don't get your Tweets heard by all your followers, but sometimes you don't want to bother everyone with your side conversations and they don't want to be bothered either.

    If you Tweet good content and ReTweet good content then your followers will appreciate you more and more. I hope you see my point as I think you have a good concept for more openness conversations on Twitter.


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