Twitter, Serendipity And The "@" Sign

From How To Bring Serendipitous Conversations Back To Twitter, A Rant

One of the recent changes @Twitter is that if you @AUser only the people that also follow that user will see the @. The solution from @Mashable is to place a . before the @ like .@Mashable

Let's turn it up a notch,

Never start your tweet with an @. Make your tweets talk. BAM!

Hey @Myfollower I think that you ROCK! & my reply to you should be seen for serendipitous reasons alone by my followers that may not know about YOU!

Heck! my @Reply to you may spark the creative juices in one of my followers who may write a post that could CHANGE the way we all do things!

The next time you @Someone in Twitter be sure to craft your tweet to begin with something other than the @UserName and share with a wider audience. (If you wanted no one to hear you, you would have sent a DM right?)

Let us know how that works for you and add your discoveries below in the comment section.

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