Do you know the difference between a tool and an appliance?

An APPLIANCE is an item that you USE, and then TOSS when then next B.B.D. (BIGGER BETTER DEAL) comes along. A TOOL is something that you SHARPEN.

A TOOL presupposes understanding & skill in using that TOOL Safely & Correctly

An APPLIANCE should only get you in trouble if you JUMP INTO THE BATHTUB WITH YOUR TOASTER for example!!!

With an APPLIANCE you do not have to worry about your fridge, and the possibility of it banding up with all the refrigerators in your neighborhood in a zombie attack on the White Houses freezer.

With an APPICANCE you do not have to worry that IF YOU DON'T STAY ON TOP OF YOUR UPDATES, your MICROWAVE will be sending all your personal credit card data to a skript kiddy somewhere deep in the Ukraine.

Most times an APPLIANCE is not needed for your life, but a good TOOL may last A LIFE TIME.

An APPLIANCE can be shared amongst friends, but when was the last time you loaned a TOOL and got it back? Especially when you go looking for that TOOL to get you out of a tough situation.

An APPLIANCE is not dependent on the skill set of the user for functionality, put a beer in the icebox, it gets cold...

So then, A TOOL is wholly depend on the skill set of the user. and what functionality will be ultimately be derived from that tool...

I think you can tell alot about a person by the tools they choose, and of those tools, those that they use well.

All TOOLs are not dependent on their complexity, on the contrary,

The very best chisel + the very best stone does not = David, that takes a Michelangelo

In the immortal words of one of my favorite tools, Kieth Richards

"Whats it take to play guitar? 5 strings, 4 fingers, 3 chords and 1 asshole"

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