LavaCon 2010 Take Aways

Spent the last few days in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter live tweeting the LavaCon 2.0 Conference on Digital Media & Content Strategies.

"Every surface will have a message & every message will be social."

My LavaCon key take away and forecast for the immediate future:
3 bits of data are going to feed the next wave of information delivery.

1) The Karma Bit
2) The Reward Bit
3) The Location Bit

These three items will be critical going forward for everyone from software designers, content writers to the information consumer. Companys that plan for these advances now will florish.

The Karma Bit, or how to get your users to update and enrich your content for you. Any place that gives users more power and privilege when they take an active part.

The Reward Bit, think Foursquare or any other site that will give you a pretty badge for a task or accomplishment. Give your users many tiny rewards, .jpgs are cheap! They want their stinking badges.

The Location Bit, augmented reality being a recurring theme lately, but no talk about how to make the information you are generating ready for AR (augmented reality). Add a geo location bit and your data will be ready to integrate.

I would like to thank my friend DK for convincing me to go, see you all next year in HAWAII!!!!

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