Thank You StumbleUpon

Thank You StumbleUpon

"You'll never meet anyone if you don't leave your house," is what my friends said. And not that I would recommend staying in and Stumbling to find love, but it sure worked out for us.

I would have to credit my "Borrow A Boyfriend," Mr. Jeff Daly. A "Borrow A Boyfriend" is when your friends let their boyfriend come and help you with all that guy stuff. Computers, mechanical issues, getting a view into the mind of the testosterone laden gender, that kind of thing.

Jeff was especially gifted in the computer department and would insure I had the premium internet connection and the latest Beta Invites. After a tech stop Jeff had installed that StumbleUpon button in my browser and I was so immediately hooked on it that it became our inside joke. "Come out tonight Lisa you just can't stay home and Stumble." And when citing some new piece of information both Jeff and I would smirk and say "Oh I just Stumbled Upon it." And so when I told Jeff that I had met this guy on StumbleUpon he said "What?"

I had returned from teaching a Braille Class up on the Ventura County Community College campus to find a message in my inbox from NeonSurfer. I had seen that icon over and over. That big eyeball and unkempt brow. I had been to his page. And now he sent me a message! My heart started to race and I paced around my one bedroom cottage.

He asked if I was into Science Fiction. I said I love Star Trek. He asked if I surfed. I questioned "in the water ... with a board? Nobody actually surfs?"

He asked if I was into computers? I said I was into dots. He asked "Can you be more vague?" I thought, "Wow, can you be more condescending?" (And yes he can be btw.) And then I explained my name Dot-Girl. I was a Braille Transcriber. He was NeonSurfer, a neon tube bender turned wonk.

We spent about 6 months sharing links on StumbleUpon before we ever met. Our relationship escalated from our StumbleUpon avatars to email and then I allowed him to IM me. Thought it might have been a mistake at the time because man that guy can share links and keep 'em coming.

StumbleUpon gave us this chance to share who we were and what was important to us. That has grown to a way of life and our very business. We treasure the friends and connections that we find via these new conversational tools.

We keep running into people like us. The synchronicity and adventure grows. To be with someone with whom you share so much has been in indescribable gift and to be with someone who likes to explore and learn has given me the life I once only dreamed of.

Thank You StumbleUpon!


Update Katherine Hudson McClure born 12/11/10 at 12:19pm 6lbs 11oz #StumbleBaby
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