B is for Blogger

Blog this Blog that, WTF is a blog anyway? A Blog is a Content Management System.

@Blogger was started by a guy named @EV he left there and started @Twitter

@Ev built @Blogger so anyone could share content on the interwebs, without having to know much about the CMS, and and in doing so, pushed that CMS off your local web server and onto the burgeoning cloud... ( Wordpress users please go do your important security updates now )

Prior to sites like @Blogger, you would need multiple programs to create a webpage, I started with notepad, Fetch, and Netscape Navigator .09b ( rem the one that still had the mosaic logo at start up??) On My first call to the ISP ( anyone rem DELTANET? dial up 14.4 baby! ) and asked for help the tech on the other end politely gave me the info I needed, and then told me if I did not know how to use that info, it was not his job to teach me. Good thing I had a book... (13+ years of Tech support and I now feel his pain.)

So in 2003 the @TheTollRoads decieds that it is going to pave over our state park.
They got the money, but we got the heart and the land sings to us!

Thats when I started my Sano Blog and began ripping off @Beezling

Cue @SierraClub and @Surfrider who with a small team of dedicated supporters were able to stop this bad idea in its tracks with the help of this new CONVERSATIONAL space.

Now it's 2010 @Blogging has splintered off into Photo blogging video blogging micro blogging audio blogging...

And we able to do it all from our iPhone.

And so will you.

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