D is for Dedication

Ok so now we have you thinking, I wanna blog...

Now what? Now you need to dedicate yourself to your passion.


Set up a task that you can complete in 15 min a day that you will do for the next month.

My Name Is ______ And I will post once a day for the next month. << Put that on your monitor as a sticky note Ideas to get you started. The ABC's of... The 30 things You did not know about... How To Cook A Dish A day <<< FOOODIES!!! They Said WHAT??? <<<< NEWZIES!!! 30 Steps to Peace <<<< Give Peace a chance! A Dialog With Myself... <<< Remember Diary's? Thirty days of Sunsets <<< Photoblogging 29 Ted Talks that have inspired me and why. << Youtubers crank up your vid cam! 50 ways to leave your lover... Get Dedicated, Get Creative, Get Blogging... Lemme know if I can help.

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