Rendering Authenticity is the New Measure of Value

If rendering authenticity is the new economic offering then conversational media is the tool of choice.

"What happens when you customize a service? What happens when you design a service that is so appropriate for a particular person, that it's exactly what they need at this moment in time? Then you can't help but make them go wow! You can't help but turn that into a memorable event. You can't help but turn that into an experience!"

Companies and small businesses who properly employ the tools of conversational media have opportunities every day to WOW customers and potential customers. Having your social media tools set up to find your clients exactly when they need you is an experience you can offer if you use your tools well. When was the last time your web presence made someone go "WOW!"?

So if experiences are becoming the predominate economic offering and customers are evaluating you on your authenticity the question clearly becomes "How do I render authenticity?"

And it boils down to two things.

1. Know who you are as a business. Be true to yourself.

2. Be who you say you are. Be true to others.

Provide places for people to experience who you are.
And that will make your customers happy and help your business grow.

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