Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives - JFK

#ThankfulMonday ok You're up! What are you thankful for? #OCGood

Most of all I want to thank surfing & all the people that has brought into my life.

I want to thank @TrisHussey for getting me hooked on @Chrome and sealing my move to the clouds...

I want to thank @Roebot for dragging us around to play with all the cool kids like @TrisHussey

I want to thank @GraemeThickins for taking the time to crash @LisaMcClure 's bday party and feel some of our #Ohana.

MAHALO's to @MariaBrophy who has been grabbing iElla from school everyday whilst @LisaMcClure & I toss fishes to the whales.

I want to thank @LisaMcClure for her love. When we are together, 1+1=7 (Did I mention we met on the internet?)

I want to thank the people and a city to my north, Dana Point, for embracing new technology's like @Twitter

I want to thank my friends here on @Twitter for the ambient intimacy that arises from a virtual space like this.

I want to thank @TheTollRoads for lighting a fire under my ass. You guys are your own worst enemies.

I want to thank @Surfrider for its victory with the @SaveTrestles campaign and YOU CAN TOO!

But trust us on the sunscreen...

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